Environment and quality

Awareness of what we do - Through a company-wide reporting system as part of environmental management, GEDIA regularly collects and monitors environmental indicators such as energy consumption and emission levels. Reducing direct and indirect CO2 emissions is essential when it comes to counteracting climate change. It is important for GEDIA to minimize these emissions and achieve climate neutrality by 2032.

GEDIA has set itself the goal of allocating 1% of the GEDIA Group's total investment annually to measures aimed at reducing emissions from 2022 onwards. From 2028, 2% will be made available.
To achieve this, GEDIA is constantly optimizing internal processes and investing in intelligent, modern and resource-saving production systems, both to keep emissions at all production sites as low as possible and to ensure high quality standards. Furthermore, in new buildings, renovations and refurbishments, attention is always paid to incorporating environmental aspects and energy-saving measures.

Another guiding principle for us is: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
We pursue numerous measures in order to realize our sustainability goals.

We are becoming active for this. A selection of the initiatives we are tackling:

  • Pro-active supplier risk management for sustainability will be established by 2023
  • In 2032, the plants worldwide have to be climate-neutral through efficiency, green electricity and offsetting
  • Environmentally friendly buildings - when constructing new buildings at our sites, we implement high environmental standards
  • Zero Paper - the elimination of paper in production and the reduction to the bare minimum in office areas
  • Determination of the GEDIA CO2 footprint at the component level and continuous reduction

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