This is our initiative for sustainability.
We want to take step-by-step measures with the aim of achieving climate neutrality internationally at our nine locations. In addition, respect for human rights throughout the supply chain, resource and energy-saving processes, and other everyday sustainable and charitable projects for the benefit of society are all part of GEDIA.

Sustainability at the GEDIA Automotive Group

The task of limiting global warming is not only a technological challenge, but also a social one. For this reason, all measures for the efficiency of our processes are not only measured in terms of short-term economic success, but also in terms of the long-term impact on our environment. The goal of our business activities is comprehensive CO₂ neutrality.

We have therefore joined the initiative of various car manufacturers -
We are committed to the Paris climate agreement and aim of being CO₂-neutral by 2032.
For this, a company needs not only the necessary technology and financial strength, but also employees who face this task with a lot of creativity, but above all with the necessary enthusiasm, expertise and professional know-how.

The GEDIA Automotive Group bundles all measures in the sustainability of the company under the initiative GEDIA goes ZERO.
Corporate sustainability is built on the three pillars of economy, ecology and social responsibility.
Our climate neutrality measures focus on climate-neutral production, the recycling of raw materials and the reduction of packaging.

In addition, GEDIA has developed and defined guidelines and fields of action for sustainable actions. Beyond, GEDIA reports on the topic of sustainability in its annual sustainability report. Here, all sustainable projects of the GEDIA Automotive Group are presented and explained more detailed.

These topics are part of GEDIA goes ZERO:

Strategy and goals
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Fields of action
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Supply Chain Act
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