Strategy and goals

We want to take responsibility for our share of CO2 emissions and are committed to the Paris Climate Agreement.
Our way: GEDIA goes ZERO.

GEDIA sees sustainability as:

  • strategic success factor for positioning in highly competitive markets
  • central customer requirement in the design of supply and value chains
  • legal requirement with clear regulatory measures

We are committed to being CO2 neutral in our balance sheet by 2032.
To achieve this, our measures focus on:

  • climate-neutral production
  • the recycling of raw materials
  • the reduction of packaging.

Sustainability is part of the global supply chain and part of GEDIA.
By 2025, we want sustainability to be an integral part of new business models.

We are currently in the process of converting our locations to green electricity. We are focusing on the goal of having 100% green electricity at all nine locations.
The headquarters in Attendorn has already been using green electricity since 2021. The plants in Spain and Hungary have also already been completely converted. In the remaining plants, we are still in the sourcing phase of green electricity providers, but have already been able to cover 30-50% of electricity with it in some cases.

In order to achieve our goals in the best possible way and internationally, a Sustainability Team was appointed in 2021, consisting of one employee from each GEDIA location. This team is now working intensively on a detailed sustainability strategy.

With regard to our social responsibility, we focus on our core values: willingness to change, trust and responsibility.

Detailed information on our measures for achieving goals can be found under the headings below.

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Fields of action

Our four fields of action for sustainable improvement

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Our guidelines for sustainable action

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