Anselm Dingerkus founded the company in 1910 with his brother Ferdinand

The brothers initially focused on the manufacture of jewellery before adding hollow sheet handles for enamel tableware to the production programme in 1925.

The company was founded this year
Expansion of the production program for sheet metal hollow handles
Development of international production facilities
1910 - 2016
GEDIA Milestones
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The company embarked on the manufacture of plastic handles in the 1950s, and simultaneously began manufacturing pressed, stamped and drawn parts, particularly for automotive production. Production plants were constructed in Nowa Sól (Poland) and Santa Margarida (Spain) at the end of the 90s. This was followed by a plant in Hungary, a second plant in Poland and new plants in China and Mexico. In addition, engineering centres were established in France, the USA and Sweden. With the sale of its handle division in 2003, the company focused its attentions on the development of lightweight automotive technologies and chassis components. In 2016, two new locations joined the GEDIA Automotive Group – Michigan, USA and Pune, India.

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