Pride Day

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GEDIA is colorful!

We are colorful and proud.

Proud of all our employees and their achievements.

Of every individual who is a part of us and who makes GEDIA a family business.

From today and on the occasion of the first Pride Day Germany's on 22.07.21 (diversity in the workplace) the rainbow flag is also waving in front of the GEDIA plants in Attendorn and sets the unmistakable sign - GEDIA shows it colors.

Equality and human rights have a high priority at the GEDIA Automotive Group. Anchored in the declaration of principles for the respect of human rights, the human being is protected at GEDIA.

Not only in the company but also across the supply chain compliance is ensured. "With questions of human rights, however, a much greater complexity takes effect. We penetrate into a second level. We know our direct suppliers well. It is not our suppliers, but their suppliers that are affected by this issue. Here we also want clarity. We want to grasp the issue in its entirety and become better at what we can influence as a company," explains Helmut Hinkel, one of the managing directors, in the interview of the GEDIA Sustainability Report 2020.

Within the company itself, treating each other with respect is valued and taken for granted.
Discrimination, however, is a threshold issue, where the boundaries are often subjective or ambiguous. In order to clearly indicate the boundaries, an anti-discrimination office was set up in the company at the beginning of this year, to which those affected can report. Previously, the works council and human resources were considered the points of contact for those affected."With this official office, we are pursuing the goal of ensuring that those affected can open up in confidence and receive the support they need. Likewise, we want to ensure that all GEDIAns are aware of what discrimination means and where the boundaries are. The managers have been trained and sensitized on this topic. Discrimination should absolutely not be a part of the GEDIA Group in the future. We are colorful and that's why we support the different gender identities unconditionally", says the human resources manager Heiko Baumgart.

We wish everyone a Happy Pride Day!