22-year-old Mahmud Esat Yazlak completes his apprenticeship as the best in the Olpe district

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Top performance at GEDIA

Mahmud Esat Yazlak from Finnentrop has completed his training as a machine and plant operator (specializing in metal and plastics technology) with outstanding results at the age of just 22. With 95.5%, he received the top grade of "very good" and was honored as the best industrial-technical apprentice in the Olpe district by the Siegen Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The GEDIA Automotive Group not only rewarded him with a bonus of 1000 euros, but also offered him a permanent employment contract. Yazlak initially had other plans after graduating from secondary school in Finnentrop in 2017. After an initial apprenticeship as a precision mechanic in a small company in Lennestadt, he decided to do a second apprenticeship at GEDIA after getting to know the company during a repair job and being impressed by the company's structure and working methods. 

His commitment and honesty were praised by his training manager Oliver Bödefeld: "I had a very good feeling from day one. Mahmud is motivated, open and honest," he says, describing the reason for taking him on as an apprentice at the time. The training to become a machine and plant operator includes three months of basic training at the GEDIA training center, followed by practical assignments in various departments to get to know different production technologies. Mahmud Esat Yazlak is happy with his job: "I work at the heart of production and use my technical expertise to help keep the machine running and produce finished stamped car body components at the end." 

At the age of 22, Yazlak has significant responsibility in his team in the cold forming department. In early, late and night shifts, he works independently on a fixed machine, which he has to retool several times a day. "It's a new challenge every day, but also an enjoyable one," he explains. Although he has only just taken up the position of machine and plant operator, he is aiming for part-time further training to become an industrial foreman once he has gained sufficient professional experience. "I would like to develop and work my way up here in the company. I have several role models in the company who have been with GEDIA since their apprenticeship and are now managers," says the 22-year-old, setting himself clear goals. His reliable way of working and his high level of commitment were already noticed during his apprenticeship by his then training manager Oliver Bödefeld: "He was already highly motivated as an apprentice. He is calm and level-headed in the way he works. I have every confidence that he will take on a certain role in the company." Yazlak particularly appreciates the friendly and familiar working environment at GEDIA, the supportive transition from apprentice to skilled worker and the open corporate culture.