Improvements driven through GEDIAns‘ ideas

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In a world which is developing faster and faster, a company must be able to react to changes in order to maintain its position in the market. Not only large investments, but also small constant changes and improvements strengthen their own competitiveness. The small but continuous changes are summarized under the term “continuous improvement process” (CIP) and describe a method of the idea management.

Since 2018 the employees of the GEDIA Automotive Group have been collecting and documenting all suggestions for improvement in the internal system "IdeenWerk". The open corporate culture encourages all GEDIA employees to develop and advance their own ideas. The input in the "IdeenWerk" is evaluated and checked for implementation by process optimization employees and the relevant department. If an idea is accepted, the implementation begins and the employee receives an incentive bonus.

More than 700 ideas for improvements have already been incorporated into this system in the past year and a half and have brought numerous improvements to the everyday working life.

We are already looking forward to many new ideas to sustainably improve our future - because every part is a part of us.