Construction progress of the production plant Askay II.

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The new plant is growing

In June 2018, the starting signal was given for the construction of the new production plant "Askay II" and the construction site was set up.

In September of this year, the new plant is expected to go into operation.

In this context, we will keep you up to date on the participants in the construction process and the construction progress of the new production plant.


Update 22.07.2019:

The construction of the new GEDIA production plant Askay II constantly wears on. The interior construction, as well as the technical expansion have already started in the main hall and the outbuildings.

Further, the building envelopes and the shell have already been raised successfully. Also the mechanic mounting of the ARISA Blanking Line has been finished and is now being prepared for the commissioning. Currently, the APT hot forming line’s foundation is build in order to continue with the mounting process in the end of August.

GEDIA is already looking forward to the end of the year and to the successful launch of the new plant!



GEDIA Gebrüder Dingerkus GmbH

Röntgenstraße 2-4

D-57439 Attendorn

Project management:

GEDIA Gebrüder Dingerkus GmbH

Stephan Gante

Design, planning:

GEDIA Gebrüder Dingerkus GmbH

Judith Lackner-Joseph -  Dipl.-Ing. Architektin BDB

Construction management:

Bertold Luke - Dipl.- Ing. Architekt BDB

Marie-Luise Wiethoff - Dipl.- Ing. Architektin VFA

Geology ground surveys and on-site monitoring: 

Reißner Geotechnik und Umwelt Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH


Dipl.- Alexander Nies 

Structural engineer:

IDN Ingenieurbüro DOMKE Nachf. Partnerschaft beratender Ingenieure mbB 

Fire protection:

IDN Brandschutz Beratende Ingenieure Kläß PartG mbB 

Planning road construction:

Leakcon GmbH 

Occupational safety and security:

Leakcon GmbH

Ingenieurbüro Hövelmann 


Andrea Burghaus Vermessungsbüro


Stadt Attendorn


Civil engineering:

Arbeitsgemeinschaft PH GEDIA Askay 35

Straßen- und Tiefbau GmbH

Bauunternehmung GmbH

Steel construction:

BMS Briloner Montage- und Schlüsselfertigbau GmbH

Shell construction:

MEES Bauunternehmung GmbH


Sommer Albert GmbH

Heating Ventilation Sanitary:

HEINRICH VITT Haustechnik GmbH

Exterior gates and high-speed doors:

ITW Industrietore GmbH

Electrical installation:

E. Klein Elektroanlagen GmbH & Co. KG

Metal construction and glazing work:

Metallbau Johann Hunold GmbH & Co. KG