GEDIA Automotive Group invests 40 million euros in a new building at their headquarters in Attendorn

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Greatest investment in the corporate history

Directly next to their existing headquarters with development and technology centre, production and tool shop the GEDIA Automotive Group builds a highly contemporary cutting unit centre as well as a new hot forming line at the location Askay 35.“

This major investment in the corporate history of the GEDIA Group is a clear commitment to the site in Attendorn again and therewith it underlines its strategic meaning.” said Jürgen Hillesheim, representative of the family shareholders.

Already nowadays the GEDIA Gebrüder Dingerkus GmbH develops and produces structural components and assemblies for the automotive body lightweight construction with about 950 GEDIAnern in Attendorn. She is part of the GEDIA Automotive Group, who is represented in 8 locations worldwide. The company employed more than 4,200 employees in Germany, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Mexico, USA, China and India.

At the new plant “Askay II” in the industrial region in Attendorn Ennest is an employment growth expected because of the great investment.

In the future up to 25 tons heavy steel coils will be unloaded by a truck and will run automatically in the new cutting unit centre. This is where the big steel coils in all common qualities, length and wideness will be cut and checked on critical quality characteristics.

The next step is to pick up the required cut plates for the production of the car body parts who will be heated with over 900 degrees in the new hot forming line.
By the use of the high innovative TemperBox® method, the required plates will be tempered partial, before they get shaped by an efficient servo-hydraulic press.

“To steadily assimilate our products to the requirements of the automotive industry and to stay competitive long-dated, we are going with our new plant one step further in the future and expand our own value chain.” explained Dipl.-Economy.-Ing. Helmut Hinkel, manager of the GEDIA Automotive Group.

On about 11,000 m² production area is the building of a cutting unit centre as well as the installation of another innovative manufacturing line for hot formed and high complexed car body parts in the preparation.

Thanks to the patented Tailored Tempering process with the GEDIA TemperBox® and the new servo hydraulic press we produce energy- and material saving. The result are tailor-made body components with minimal weight and a significant higher crash safety at the same time. Because this is the first-time industrial adaption of this innovative technology and has demonstration character, this project gets supported by the Federal Environment Ministry. With nearly 2 million euros from the environmental innovation programme subsidised the federal government the project at the location in Attendorn.

Matthias Heider, native member of the Bundestag, was pleased that GEDIA, as one of the innovative medium-sized companies from the native region, benefits from the support programme of the Federal Environment Ministry. “The great invention volume is a clear commitment to the business location Sauerland. I am proud of the invention from Attendorn.”

Overview of the new plant:

40 Million

Euro invests GEDIA in the new plant, the cutting unit centre, the Temperbox hot forming line and several laser systems.


Square meter production area arise at the Askay in the industry area Attendorn-Ennest.



Tons of steel can be manufactured into formed blanks in the new cutting unit centre per year.


Tons of steel can be transformed into high and supreme stronghold body parts in the new hot forming line per year.