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GEDIA is considered a prime example for new investments in Georgia, USA

As part of an investment conference organized by the US Federal Government '2021 Select USA Investment Summit', GEDIA was asked to speak in a live interview with Georgia's Governor Brian Kemp about the preparation, implementation and current progress of our new plant currently under construction in Dalton, Georgia. The interview was recorded and will be broadcast as part of the meeting to approximately 3,000 attendees from all around the world.

The interview was conducted by Mr. Nico Wijnberg, Director of International Liaison at the Georgia Chamber of Commerce with our local president Mr. Michael Lehmann, who is currently responsible for our new project in Georgia. Mr. Wijnberg influenced our decision process positively during GEDIA's location selection process to establish its second manufacturing location to Georgia. GEDIA’s first manufacturing plant was established in Michigan in 2016.

GEDIA is considered a great example for new investment in Georgia. With the new plant in the North of the state, the region gets a new strong partner from the automotive sector besides the long-established carpet industry. Local skilled workers who currently commute to the neighboring states of Tennessee or Alabama will get the chance to find an attractive job in their home state with GEDIA. For the region and also for GEDIA this is a very positive trend of regaining local jobs. The proximity to the customers, an excellent connection to a well-developed infrastructure and a great collaboration with the authorities on regional - and supra-regional level build the three pillars for GEDIA’s long-term success at our future plant in Georgia in the US.

As a small gesture and a sign for a good cooperation in the future with the state of Georgia, Michael Lehmann handed a small gift from GEDIA to Governor Kemp. GEDIA designed specifically for this purpose a jacket with its green company logo as well as a peach next to it, representing the beginning of a great relationship between the two parties. Georgia is famous for growing peaches around the world and an image of this fruit serves as a highly recognizable trademark for many local businesses and organizations. Finalizing the interview, Mr. Lehmann stated that "GEDIA is now part of Georgia and Georgia is now part of GEDIA and this logo is a sign of our bond and mutual trust." Governor Kemp appreciated this gesture and for his part looks forward to many years of a good cooperation with the rich in tradition German company.

In the meantime, the plant construction in Dalton has progressed further. In addition to the scheduled installation of the first hot forming line, the start of steel construction of a further building section is an important milestone.