MdB Dr. Matthias Heider visits GEDIA

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Close exchange - at a proper distance but with topics that connect.

In July during his summer break, the CDU member of the German Bundestag and chairman of the US parliamentary group Dr. Matthias Heider visited us at GEDIA together with Sebastian Ohm, chairman of the CDU municipal association.

The occasion of the visit were current political and economic issues in the context of the economic stimulus package as well as the US travel restricitions.

The TemperBox® technology at the headquarters of the GEDIA Automotive Group immediately caught the interest of the politicians. 

Using the example of a B-pillar, the CEO Mr. Schaumburg was able to explain this successful new technology. The serial use of this GEDIA technology at the new location Askay II and in the future in the southern plant in the USA as well as the resulting questions of internationalisation were of great interest for the deputy chairman of the committee for economy and energy, Dr. Heider.

Due to his further role as the chairman of the US parliamentary group, the German-American relation is a special concern for him. Particularly in the difficult times of the corona pandemic, cooperation between the two countries is to be promoted and German companies are to be supported. Several German companies approached him as the US government's new travel restrictions dramatically complicate the planning and production processes in the United States. These restriction make it particularly more difficult to carry out skilled work by European specialists on site in the USA. GEDIA is also affected and limited by these travel restrictions. Dr. Heider raised these issues in an interview with US envoy Robin S. Quinville and called for the lifting or improvement of US visa restrictions on workers. Dr. Heider informed GEDIA in detail about his ongoing efforts in our interest. The management of GEDIA wished him all the best and is looking forward to continue working both in the Michigan and newly planned southern plants.