GEDIA is one of Germany‘s best apprenticing companies

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Best apprenticing companies 2020

After we were rated as one of the 100 most future-proven companies in Germany by Stern magazine last year, we have now received another award – Germany‘s best apprenticing companies. 

This was determined by the business magazine FOCUS MONEY in cooperation with DEUTSCHLANDTEST among 20,000 companies with the most employees in Germany from more than 100 sectors.

The companies received a questionnaire with five different evaluated categories as training success, structural data, training quota, training remuneration and additional offers. An evaluation of various Internet sources was also included in the assessment. The points were calculated on a scale of 0 to 100. The respective industry winners set the benchmark with a maximum score of 100.

Among about 1000 companies, which were awarded, GEDIA prevailed with a score of 96.9 and thus ranked fourth in the automotive supplier industry.