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10 years fit for work

For 10 years now ‚ffw – fit for work‘, GEDIA‘s health management, has been an integral part of our corporate culture.

In the past ten years the health management has always actively offered campaigns and courses in which all GEDIA employees can participate. Some of the offers in the last years are the fruit days, flu vaccinations, skin protection days, running events, sport courses GEDIAktiv, screenings, health workshops, smoking cessation, action day 45plus, early detection of colon cancer, driving safety training and many more.

For this purpose, current information and offers are provided, which are intended to guide the user to act on his own responsibility. This is intended to create an awareness that everyone is responsible for their own health. The services supporting this are mostly free of charge.

For an optimal health management, the ideas of the employees are always taken into account. The wishes and needs of our employees are, among other things, taken from the employee survey every two years, which contains comprehensive questions on ffw. From the evaluations and also from current topics and trends, a programme is drawn up which is then put into practice depending on the time and cost involved.

Thanks to the good acceptance and the high interest of all employees over the years.
Also in the future we and all GEDIA employees are looking forward to make the daily work routine a little healthier. And this also includes also sweets. Because they are known to be healthy for the soul...